End of Tenancy Carpet Clean

We recently had to clean the carpets of and end of tenancy property. The carpets had seen some very heavy usage resulting in heavy soiling.

We began by vacuuming all areas, as 75% of soil in a carpet is dry particulate it is important to remove as much dry soil as possible. As we are vacuuming we are looking for any stains that we feel may require special treatment, these areas are then treated before we carry out the full clean.

We then pre-spray the area and agitate and allow a dwell time for our cleaning product to work. Our main cleaning machine is mounted in our van, the pipes are then brought into the property and the carpets are rinsed to remove both the soils and cleaning solutions.

As you can see from the photos the area around the fire place had seen a number of wood spit burns and a wax spill from a coloured scented candle, the fibre damage remains but the waxy residue has been removed improving the overall appearance. The client was extremely pleased with the results.




End of Tenancy Carpet Clean before


End of Tenancy Carpet Clean after

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